Gertz Mit Wilde "Coffee and Ice Cream" (Single), produced by Mattias Wilde (=C.Van Boollen)

Gertz and Wilde made coffee
Fantasy writer Ekaterina Gertz and composer Mattias Wilde have teamed up as a duo "Gertz Mit Wilde". The first fruit of the collaboration was the single "Coffee and Ice Cream". The track is in the style of Adult Techno, Wilde has already released the second single this year in this vein. Before that, the single "Лицемеры" from Maggie Queen saw the light of day.
The new composition presents Matthias Wilde's signature dessert - Coffee with Ice Cream. This phrase from the lips of a Latvian always causes embarrassment and drives into the paint, which is reflected both in the lyrics of the song and in the video. Ambiguous hints and rather adult humor are the main features of the song.
Happy listening.

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